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Emercency Veterinarian in Torrance

Affordable Animal Hospital

- Kind and Quality Care at a Fair Price -

Affordable Animal Hospital Torrance exists to provide quality veterinary care for your pet at a fair, affordable price. We know what your pets means to you. They mean the same to us. When you come through our pet hospital door, you and your pet are part of our family. Whether you are coming in for an exam, to find out why your pet is feeling sick, or to handle an injury, our experienced, highly trained veterinarians and support staff provide the excellent service you would expect from a much more expensive animal hospital.

Emergency Vet Torrance

Although we are a low cost vet service in Torrance, that doesn’t mean we don’t deliver the highest quality service you can obtain.

From our state-of-the-art equipment to our tested and proven products, the Affordable Animal Hospital Torrance is set up to handle your pet needs, routine or urgent, with the compassion and dedication you would give them if you were a vet.

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Best Emergency Vet in Torrance

Urgent Care Vet for Critical Cases Caring, dedicated, trained

It happens. There are urgent situations requiring immediate attention for your pet. Animals live in a dangerous world full of traffic and fights and things they shouldn’t eat. They can suffer injury from risks in our “human world” that they don’t understand.

Depending on the breed, they may be prone to certain disorders or physical dispositions that are impossible to detect simply by sight. When there is an urgent need, we are here to provide quality medical care and rapidly diagnose your pet’s condition, getting them back on the road to recovery. Employing our fully-equipped facility, we’ll rapidly determine what’s wrong and how to best fix it. From broken legs to internal disorders, we act with compassion and experience, calming your distraught pet. Your pet may not be able to tell us what’s wrong, but we have years of experience pinpointing causes and launching urgent care remedies.

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Torrance Animal Hospital | Veterinarian Torrance

Teeth Cleaning and Extraction Services

You want the best for your pet, today and into the future. You probably already have activities such as walks in the park, plenty of attention and a healthy diet as part of your playbook.

What about dental care? To some, that might seem like a luxury, but that’s far from the case. Affordable Animal Hospital in Torrance offers a variety of services that can help you make sure your pet has a happy mouth, from dental cleaning to extraction.

Why Does It Matter?

While humans in countries such as the U.S. may increasingly view their teeth in cosmetic terms, focusing primarily on their whiteness and regularity, for your pet they are literally a matter of survival.

Depending on how much roving your pet does, that will likely relate more to meal time than to self-defense. When it comes to food, your pet’s teeth are the only option available for breaking up morsels and for chewing them enough to be swallowed. If teeth are too painful, worn down, or gum disease exists, this has a direct effect on nutrition.

Why You Need Our Help

A child can tell you when it has a toothache. Your pet can’t. The early stages of dental problems are not likely to be visible to you.

Regular examinations by one of our veterinarians can detect problems before they become serious, and if an issue has progressed far enough to require treatment, taking steps now can be critical in preventing the problem from becoming bigger.

Not If, But When

Over time, virtually every pet will develop some dental problems. According to some estimates, 85 percent of pets have gum disease once they are more than three years old.

Rather than waiting for the shoe to drop, you can keep your pet happy and avoid major expenses through routine dental and oral care.

Top Vet Torrance

Our Mission: Restoring Pet Health

Kind and Quality Care at a Fair Price

Our mission is simple: to provide highly professional, compassionate care that is affordable and fair for every animal that comes through our doors. Pets are family. They are fountains of uncritical love and affection and they trust us humans with their lives. Our mission is to treat them with the same love and affection and to have the trust they place in us well justified. Affordable Animal Hospital Torrance is staffed with animal lovers passionate about carrying out this mission. We know that when your pet first comes into our hospital, primal fears and anxieties may kick in. Through our gentle handling and soothing care we make every effort to put your pet at ease. We are dedicated to helping your pet live a long and healthy life. It is what we do. It is who we are.

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